Bunnings accused of price gouging!


Hardware and garden supplies giant Bunnings has been accused of price gouging on their popular George Pell Freed chuck bucket range following the High Court of Australia’s unanimous decision to quash all sex convictions against the jailed cardinal (pictured above).

Shoppers at various Bunnings outlets around the nation are reporting that store staff swapped price tags on the chuck bucket range shortly after the court handed down its verdict in Brisbane at 10am.

One customer at Bunnings’ Breakfast Creek megastore in inner-Brisbane told The Bug that he was about to select one of the tin buckets for $29.95 when a Bunnings staffer ripped the price tag off the shelf and replaced it with one for $49.95.

“Look, we all accept that there’s going to be an enormous demand for these buckets once the likes of Andrew Bolt and Gerard Henderson get on their stomach-churning, vomit-inducing, sanctimonious, self-congratulatory, “We told you so!” hypocritical high horses but such a price hike is unforgiveable.”

A Bunnings spokesperson defended the price rises as “simple supply and demand market economics”.

“With a market trade turndown because of Covid-19, can you really blame us for trying to survive such hard times?

george pell chuck bucket - net

“We’ve got queues for hundreds of metres outside most of our Australian outlets already and we’re restocking the shelves as fast as we can.”

All models of the George Pell Freed chuck buckets, including both galvanised tin and plastic models, “should be available in due course”.

Many of the customers told The Bug they were buying a number of buckets, often one for each room in their homes just to be safe.