Andy waives the rules

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LONDON: In the wake of Her Majesty the Queen’s speech rallying Britons in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, her second son Prince Andrew has come under fire for allegedly flouting current social isolation rules.

Photos emerged on social media at the weekend of a party allegedly hosted on Saturday night by the Duke and Duchess of York at their home, Royal Lodge, near Windsor Castle.

It is understood several dozen people attended the event which featured a sumptuous dinner with vintage wines from the royal cellar followed by dancing that included the Duchess of York leading a conga line (main picture) as well as the Prince encouraging female guests to join him in dancing the lambada.

Prince Andrew responded angrily when questioned about the propriety of holding a crowded party with no evidence of social distancing and social isolation being practised.

“There was no party. I deny that unequivocally,” he said. “It was a shooting weekend … a straightforward shooting weekend.”


LONDON: Scotland Yard has issued an uncharacteristically blunt warning to people who are falling for an urban myth linked to the Covid-19 virus being spread by social media in the UK.

The statement by the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service in London, Cressida Dick, said there was no basis to the rumour that the 5G mobile phone and data network was helping to spread the coronavirus.

In her short, one-sentence written statement issued to all British media outlets Commission Dick was unusually frank.

“Are you people fucking mad or just plain fucking stupid,” she said.


haval6BRISBANE: Queensland Senator Pauline Hansen has called for the Morrison Government to ban imports of the new Haval SUV (pictured).

“I don’t like it,” Senator Hansen said. “We are already seeing the Islamisation of Australia. First it was food, now it’s cars. Where will it end?”


SYDNEY: The NSW Police arson squad is investigating a fire that broke out late last night, destroying a senior’s unit in a Housing Department complex at Mount Druitt.

5gburn“We believe the fire may have been deliberately lit,” a police spokesperson said.

The occupant of the unit, 82-year-old Stan Themeann (pictured), said he was dozing in front of TV when he was woken by smoke from the fire and was able to escape with just the clothes he was wearing.

“I know I’m lucky to be alive,” Mr Themeann said. “But at my age it’s very traumatic to be forced to find a new place to live. After all I’ve lived in unit 5G for 20 years.”