‘Heat treatment’ set to go global

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WUHAN: Chinese authorities have boasted of their nation’s ability to swiftly respond to the coronavirus and have demonstrated techniques they have used to rapidly “flatten the curve” of infection growth.

At a market in Wuhan, the acknowledged source of the virus, Chinese health officials showed international media the special “high temperature treatment” developed by the Red Army for tackling the virus and those suspected of having contracted or spread it (main picture).

A Chinese government official on hand for the inspection said the Red Army was preparing to export the heat-treatment technology to Western nations if invited to do so, or even if not asked.


OKLAHOMA CITY: US President Donald Trump has defied his own government’s public health instructions by staging a large rally for supporters in a state that will be key to his re-election plans.

Mr Trump left the White House and flew on Air Force One to the Republican stronghold state of Oklahoma where he attended a rally at a stadium in the capital Oklahoma City.

After hugging several fans as he walked on stage, Mr Trump delivered a rambling 30-minute speech denouncing the Democratic Party, its presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden, and the party’s left-wing banner carrier Senator Bernie Sanders.

The President then turned to the current coronavirus crisis and sparked wild applause when he told the crowd that America was set to lead the world in covid-19 deaths, exceeding the total recorded by Italy.

He then left the stage to chants of “U-S-A!, U-S-A!, U-S-A!” but not before stopping to shake the hands of dozens of people in front of the stage.

A poll taken after the event showed a 5% jump in Mr Trump’s support in Oklahoma, suggesting he would hold the state with more than the 65% vote he received in 2016.