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Not exactly in the media-mistake bracket but did anyone else find this graphic (at top and below from an Australian Government ad at the weekend totally confusing?

armad1With a federal government fast attracting a reputation for being days or even weeks behind the curve in reacting to this crisis, how long did it and its ad agency have to conjure up a graphic that nailed social distancing requirements simply and effectively?

Call us picky here at The Bug but surely that ad is telling us to be THREE arms apart or, to be totally pedantic, THREE AND A BIT.

We’re also wondering who it was, high up in the Morrison government, who had the known marketing skills to come up with the graphic in the first place?


Dial down the dramatics, okay!

Large sections of the media have been banging on about mixed messaging between federal and state governments and various medical experts over the coronavirus that have led to confusion and disquiet among the public.

Fair enough too. But the media itself could be helping keep things calmed down with a little less hyperbole and exaggeration.

A prime example was the ABC’s national political reporter Andrew Probyn who began a to-camera comment piece the other night with the observation that Scott Morrison was “Australia’s wartime prime minister”.

No qualification whatsoever. No “in effect” or “in some ways” or “for all intents and purposes”.

Lift your game, Andrew. Australia is not at war even though Smoko and the Spud with Dead Eyes would like us all to think we are. It would make ruthless government by executive order much easier in the months ahead while Parliament self-isolates.

And, yes, Morrison is the prime minister so you were half right although many, unrestrained by Aunty’s admirable code of conduct and commitment to fairness and balance, might have thought it perfectly okay for you to have started your remarks with “Australia’s non-wartime, not a prime minister’s arsewipe” and you would have been more than just forgiven.

And another media outlet at about the same time banged on about how the coronavirus had “wiped out whole communities” in Italy.

There’s been some horrific daily death tolls over there but The Bug‘s calling out bullshit on that one too.

***kransky sister - net

The Bug understands questions are still being asked around the ABC’s Insiders studio as to who exactly invited one of the Kransky sisters onto last Sunday’s panel.