Queen susses out Harry and Meghan  

aroyal corres dinkusPlans by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to exit the Royal Family have been thrown into further disarray at the 11th hour following an unexpected intervention by Her Majesty the Queen.

I understand the couple is angry at the Queen’s decision to go beyond plans to ban their use of the word “royal” as part of their Sussex Royal merchandising venture aimed at making them financially independent of the Royal Family.

The Monarch’s latest decision means even the word Sussex must be truncated in any commercial arrangements Prince Harry and his wife Meghan enter into as part of their new life in Canada.

My Buckingham Palace sources tell me that the Queen had been completely satisfied with the original decision merely to prohibit the couple from using the word “royal” in their proposed ventures, leaving them with only the word “Sussex” on which to build their proposed business plans.

The decision was based on the fact that both the Duke and Duchess want to sever links with the Royal Family, will soon no longer be undertaking official royal duties, and also will not be using the titles His and Her Royal Highness.

But my palace sources say Her Majesty has now insisted on further restrictions once she discovered the couple planned to launch SusSEX — a business selling sex toys through in-home parties similar to the longstanding and highly successful Tupperware sales model.

When the Queen was advised that Meghan had been in Canada for several weeks running trial parties (main picture) she reportedly “hit the palace roof”, as one of my sources described her reaction.

Her Majesty decided on the spot that the Duke and Duchess would not only be prevented from using the word “royal” but she would also forbid them from using the expression “sex” in Sussex because of the fear that it would sully the royal family’s name and reputation.

So now, as my palace sources explained to me, the Duke and Duchess are left with the word “Sus” on which they must build their own family’s independent future.