Was hero firey set up to praise Pauline?


Evidence is growing that hero NSW Rural Fire Service volunteer Paul Parker (above) was forced to praise One Nation leader Pauline Hanson recently despite apparently believing she’s “a dumb racist bitch”.

Parker became a national hero overnight during the recent fires on the NSW South Coast when Channel 7 recorded him (above) at the wheel of his RFS  firetruck in early January telling Prime Minister Scott Morrison to “get fucked from Nelligen”.

Although Parker was clearly exhausted and emotional in the middle of a long and dangerous shift, his expletive-laden rant at the prime minister made him an immediate national hero. He has reportedly not had to buy his own beer since.

Unfortunately, Parker disappointed many new fans when he was later shown praising One Nation leader Aunty Pauline Hanson (below left) as the only politician he’d welcome to his local area because only she had the interests of those residents at heart,especially if they were on the dole or dark-skinned.aunty paulineMONO - net

The Bug can now reveal that various media outlets, hellbent on showing the balance and  totally unbiased professionalism they’re proudly known for, considered it important that Parker be shown to fully support someone else on the right of politics to make up for his attack on Mr Morrison.

This was partly confirmed by last night’s ABC Media Watch segment where the real Paul Barry criticised the ABC for never showing an excellent interview with Parker recorded the day after his outburst because, in the words of one ABC executive, “it lacked balance”.

The interviewer reportedly tried to get Parker to say some nice words about Peter Dutton but he refused. As a result, the interview was canned for good.

The Bug understands the vision of Parker praising Ms Hanson as the “only pollie he would welcome to the South Coast because only she was interested in the welfare of local residents” was at the request of another media outlet also seeking a balanced and professional report. Parker reportedly read the words off a cue card beside the camera.

A friend of Parker told The Bug: “Please, does Paul look that stupid?

“We’ve all seen how Paul wears his tireless volunteering work on his sleeve. By the mere nature of the kind and thoughtful person Paul is, I’m sure he thinks Hanson is about as useful as tits on a bull.

“I’m sure there’s no way the Paul I know would accept the dumb and racist shit that spews out of her mouth. I’m sure Paul would see Hanson as someone whose only interest is her self-advancement and keeping her obscene Senate salary.”