Oz sizes up Davey, puts Ellyse down

media dinkus

The  Bug is indebted to various Twitterati who gleefully pointed out the lengths Australia’s most popular and by far best selling national broadsheet went to in its Tuesday edition (above) to show that David Warner was head and shoulders above other winners at the annual cricket awards in Melbourne.

We copied the images at top from Julian (@julianprj) – so well done to him if he was the first to highlight it, and we also liked the comment from @jessmcguire, all in caps for good measure: THE AUSTRALIAN FIXED THE PROPER ORDER OF THINGS, MAN TOWERING OVER WOMAN, VERY GOOD.warner shorter - net

Then we had Pauluigi (@paulpuccio) coming to the rescue of Australia’s most popular and highest selling national broadsheet newspaper with this offering (right), reducing the hard-hitting Australian Test opening to his rightful 4ft 9in in the old scale.

The Bug felt it had to be proactive to some extent in using this story so we did some research ourselves and, to be fair to the snapper at Australia’s most popular and highest selling national broadsheet newspaper, David Warner was apparently standing on 2000 sheets of coarse-grade sandpaper at the time.

Postscript: The Australian is now saying it was all a harmless mistake as a graphic designer combined two images but, all things considered – largely what a fucking terrible, far-right-wing, unethical and unprofessional shitty rag it truly is even if it is Australia’s most popular and highest selling national broadsheet newspaper – why should we give it the benefit of the doubt?


A set-to over new studio design

The fancy new design for ABC TV’s News Breakfast set has appeared to have lasted just a few days – which is good news because aspects of it were shit.

And The Bug understands weatherman Nate Byrne was at the forefront of criticism by all of the show’s talent. His weather forecasts on Monday and Tuesday looked appalling, with Nate appearing in a tiny thin space over to the left, looking rather discombobulated from a giant weather screen, the reflection of which ran disconcertingly down to the bottom of the screen.

The Bug believes Byrne had threatened not to wear his Wednesday waistcoat unless changes were made “to make me feel and look part of the weather I’m presenting”.

The result was today’s much cleaner and far more logical visual presentation (below)nate's new weather board- net