New chain faces closure


A brand-new national retail chain has had a disastrous debut and its backers are at a loss to explain the failure.

The new chain is called Via Us and its CEO Price Check (pictured), told The Bug the company was established last year by a group of private investors who saw an unfilled gap in the retail market.

“I drew up the business plan and came up with the name too,” he said. “When you want a bargain you should buy via us, get it?

“The idea behind the Via Us business plan is that we sell only one product at a time but we sell it at drastically reduced prices.

“The plan is based on having very thin profit margins per unit sold but we rely on huge turnover.

“We established Via Us warehouses on busy major roads in every capital city which opened for trading yesterday.

“But despite our massive multi-million-dollar promotional campaign, the car parks at every single one of our warehouses has been empty since opening time.

“It’s gone so badly so soon that we might have to close the doors before the week is finished.

“I wish I knew what went wrong. I personally picked the first item to go on sale at all Via Us warehouses, thinking Corona beer is very popular and cases would walk out the door.

“But the total lack of customers shows just how wrong I was,” Mr Check said.