Who was the ABC todger dodger?

media dinkus

What a knob. What an absolute tool. What a bellend!

The Bug is referring, of course, to whoever it was on the ABC News Breakfast set on Friday morning who decided the front-page of the NT News (above) was a little too racy for their audience during the segment on what was making front-page/home page news in the national media.

News Breakfast normally enjoys showing the NT News‘s often silly and sometimes ribald front pages so what frightened them off this time? Was it the word DICK?

The story was about a young NT fella who got pinged for going through a red light chasing another motorist, a chick who “looked a bit how you going”. Nudge, Nudge. Wink Wink. Say no more!

It’s not as if the NT News was saying the young bloke looked like a PENIS! Oh, okay, maybe it was. But what’s wrong with the word DICK anyway? Or looking like one?

Does the ABC think its clever and sophisticated audience would take exception to the word DICK?

The Bug believes that whoever censored this front page should not get SHAFTED over this COCK-UP but he (or she) needs to be told they are an absolute DICKHEAD!

Well, recuse me!!!

Katie Burgess reported in the Canberra Times earlier this week how former Sports Minister Bridget McKenzie had been found guilty of breaching ministerial standards “by failing to refuse herself when signing off on grants to gun clubs she had undisclosed interests in”.

We’re a little confused. What exactly did Bridge refuse herself of? What was her excuse for that refuse? Could Kate have meant “recuse”? As in to excuse oneself from a case because of a potential conflict of interest or lack of impartiality?

Heralding in another loss….

Not a mainstream media mistake per se … unless it’s a mistake to keep putting out a product that loses money?

The Bug passed briefly through Sydney (that’s generally for the best) the other day and picked up a mid-week copy of The Sydney Morning Herald.

Assuming this was a metro edition, it had just over six pages of ads in a main book of 44 pages plus a four-page Money insert. That’s less than 13 per cent advertising content when, in another lifetime when classifieds were rivers of gold, papers would enjoy 60 to 70 per cent ad content.

It begs the questions: why did Nine Entertainment bother buying it and why do they bother keeping on printing Monday to Friday editions of it?