Breakfast crew stuff up their sign-off


A hastily convened conference of the ABC TV News Breakfast “talent” and station management in Melbourne yesterday morning should see no repeat of a bizarre signing-off  stand-off at 9am when all five presenters tried to be the last to say “good stuff”.

“I think a few of the more senior hands were trying to make a point and the others joined in,” a station spokesperson said.

“The trouble began late last year when sports presenter Paul Kennedy complained that regular co-host Michael Rowland had started using his own signature ‘good stuff’ comment as well.

“During the summer break when Kennedy co-hosted with Madeline Morris, he upped the ante on his ‘good stuff’ line and unfortunately Mads [Morrison] joined in.

“Although she’s only been back a few days, Lisa Millar also threw ‘good stuff’ into her reports with her usual enthusiasm.

“Nate [weather presented Nate Byrne] also joined the fray.”

The Bug understands that it all came to a head on Thursday morning when all five were on the couch signing off and it became a bit of a competition to be the last to say “good stuff” before the show ended.

“If you’ve ever see the movie Morning Glory, it was very much like when Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford kept saying ‘goodbye’ over each other again and again in a bid to be the last to sign off,” the ABC spokesperson added.

“We all sat down afterwards and agreed to a little moratorium on ‘good stuff’ and it was agreed that Michael or Lisa would take turns saying ‘cheerio’ or ‘goodbye’ or ‘hoo roo’ at program’s end. Anything but fucking ‘good stuff’!”