Our 1000 milestone begs question: WHY!!!

bug masthead - red REALYSMALL

Pressing a few buttons this morning, The Bug brought up its 999th and one-thousand post since resuming as an online humour and satire site in October 2018.

That’s more than two posts a day, each and every day, come hell or high water, Christmas Day or Easter, in sickness and in health.

So we want to send a special thank-you to all our readers and supporters, especially those who remember us from the early days of our hard-copy editions starting in 1989.

While we at The Bug seek professional help as to why we are doing this to ourselves, we also hope that we’ve given you a laugh or 1000 with our looks at politics, culture, lifestyle matters, entertainment, etc etc.

The Bug remains Australia’s oldest non-continuous humour and satire newspaper and while we like much of the work from  The Chaser, The Shovel and Betoota Advocate, we do take a certain pride in our slogan of “offending sensibilities worldwide since 1989”.

We like to think we’re just a bit more edgy. We take no prisoners on either side of politics and have always believed that tall poppies, wherever they may be, always benefit from a good cutting down now and then.

We leave the hoi polloi alone for we live unashamedly amongst them.

We at The Bug don’t do this for monetary gain, adding to our crimes of stupidity. We don’t seek thousands of dollars from companies to take the mickey out of them.  We do it through a love of creative writing and our never-ending amazement at the crazy world we all live in.

Keep visiting our blog site, keep following us on Facebook and Twitter and please spread the word to friends, families, and enemies. Any words of condolence would naturally also be very much appreciated.