Driver floats armless idea

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BRISBANE: A Brisbane man says governments around the nation are ignoring his simple plan to stop Australians using their mobile phones while driving.

Bill Raisch (main picture) told The Bug he had “doors slammed” in his face when he had approached road safety authorities in all states and territories with his idea that licensed drivers across the nation should be restricted to using just one arm while operating a motor vehicle.

Mr Raisch said his idea was formed largely because he has only one arm, having lost one in an industrial accident.

“It makes perfect sense to me that if you use only one arm to drive like I do then it’s impossible to also work a mobile phone,” Mr Raisch said.

However, Mr Raisch fell silent and broke off the interview when The Bug pointed out that most drivers had two arms and could still use their free arm to work a phone.

“I have to go,” Mr Raisch said after some moments and after detecting a distant police siren.


SYDNEY: Premier Gladys Berejiklian has abruptly cancelled the six-month inquiry into the NSW bushfires only moments after announcing it.

“I was shocked to read in an AAP online report that the terms of reference would be for the inquiry heads to consider how climate change, hazard reduction burns, drought, and human activity contributed to the devastating bushfire season.

“I have no idea how the words ‘climate change’ crept in there.

“When I said a few minutes ago that the inquiry will ‘leave no stone unturned’, I certainly didn’t mean that to include any stones covering climate change or global warming,” she said.


MELBOURNE: Tennis Australia and the Victorian Government have ensured that hundreds of trained grief counsellors and psychologists will be on hand at the Australian Open this afternoon to treat fans should Ash Barty not make it through to Saturday’s women’s singles final.

And in Canberra, PM Morrison has hinted Friday could be a national day of mourning with all Australian flags at half-mast should “the unthinkable happen”.


CANBERRA: Political pundits are unsure whether Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s appearance at the National Press Club here yesterday was simply a rerun of one of his stump election speeches from the May 2019 election or a dry-run for the 2022 campaign.

“Of course they could be one and the same,” one of the Peter Van Onselens told The Bug.