US pollsters cry foul  


Political pollsters in the USA have admitted to an embarrassing blunder in their recent work ranking Democratic Party candidates seeking to grab the party’s nomination to take on President Donald Trump at the battle for the White House in November.

Several usually reliable polls recently revealed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was racing ahead of prominent rivals former vice-president Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren in the nomination race.

However, the apparent surge has been attributed by numerous polling firms to the mistaken belief by respondents that Senator Sanders was in fact fast-food chain KFC’s founder Colonel Harland Sanders.

“It seems that when Americans are asked to think about a grey-haired old bloke who’s well into his 70s with the name Sanders they automatically think of the Colonel,” a spokesperson for one polling firm said.

“We first thought something was amiss when our questions about which of the candidates’ policies voters could recall most easily resulted in Sanders streaking ahead of the Democratic field based on his promise of ‘11 different herbs and spices’.

“Subsequent questions on policy offerings saw Sanders place well ahead of Biden and Warren based on respondents’ support for his sides and salads.

“We and other polling firms are reviewing our question list as we speak,” the spokesperson said.