Fired-up PM remarkets himself


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called on his experience as a marketing expert to turn his fortunes around after several horror months during which he has belatedly admitted he badly mishandled Australia’s bushfire crisis.

The Bug can reveal that not only was the PM the driving force behind the latest government policy to help the nation recover – the $76 million advertising package to lure tourists Down Under and for more Australians to visit fire-ravaged areas – but he has been very much hands-on in the creation of the advertising material to be used by Tourism Australia.

“If hands-on means basically creating the artwork himself and then demanding Tourism Australia use it, then that’s what the Prime Minister has done,” a beaming spokesperson told The Bug.

“I’ve seen some of the very creative material the PM has come up with and I know he’s pretty chuffed with it.  This is a game-changer for our leader.

“The lift in the mood in the PMO has been palpable. What can I say? The marketing genius who won the unwinnable election last year is back!”aussie travel ad - net

The Bug has shown several of Mr Morrison’s print-media advertising creations (at top and right) to some of Australia’s leading advertising agency executives and they are basically gobsmacked.

Russel Howcroft, of PwC and panel member of ABC TV’s Gruen program examining advertising, applauded the PM’s efforts.

“It’s classic advertising 101, yeah,” he said. “Make a real positive out of a glaring negative. It’s genius, yeah?

“My only criticism is that he should be spending twice as much, yeah, preferably with me, yeah?”

Dee Madigan, creative director at Campaign Edge and another regular Gruen panellist, described Mr Morrison’s use of Ash Barty as “his new Lara Bingle moment”.

“I’m gobsmacked. I really am. At least he didn’t use ‘Where the bloody hell are you?'”