NEW & FREE! Weekend movie quiz!

movie clapper board and reel

The Bug is proud as punch, as Australia’s No.1 family online newspaper, to introduce a new regular weekend feature quiz that the whole family can join in and enjoy.

Everyone loves fillums so who’s the fillum aficionado in your home? From the promotional still above, name the movie, the year it was made and the two words the really, really dumb cunt shown in the car window says that all Aussies can relate to.

The answers have just been popped into your letterbox. But if it’s raining or you’re in your PJs or you simply can’t be bothered going outside to get them, you can also scroll down below to see them:

Good luck!










Dumb and Dumber


“Gidday, mate!”

So, how did you go? If you got four out of four, you’ve cheated, you bastard!