The Crown gets real

aroyal corres dinkus

In sensational entertainment industry news Her Majesty the Queen has already begun work playing herself in the next series of the Netflix historical drama The Crown.

The Queen’s move follows her decision to allow the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (pictured) to carve out a new and independent life for themselves while still fulfilling an as-yet-unspecified level of involvement in official Royal Family duties.

My Buckingham Palace sources told me Her Majesty had realised that the Sussex’s demands for a change in their royal roles also presented a unique opportunity to make a major shift in her own life.

sussex bandw“Her Majesty is both excited and relieved to be able to take on the lead role in the popular TV and web series,” my source said.

“For years, possibly decades, the Queen has longed to satisfy a childhood urge to be an actor.

“She and her late sister, Princess Margaret, loved nothing better as children than to dress up and put on ‘plays’ for their own parents and Buckingham Palace staff.

“After inheriting the crown from her father King Gorge VI, Her Majesty realised that acting was a big part of her new role and for the past six decades and more she has been playing a remarkable role on the British and world stage.

“But now, after her decision to allow her grandson and his wife greater freedom to pursue other interest in their lives, Her Majesty realised she could apply the same rule to herself.

“So immediately after the family summit at Sandringham this week, the Queen was on the phone to her friends in the entertainment business seeking some sort of part in any film, TV , or stage production.

“I can say she was most excited to be offered the lead in the fifth series of The Crown now just starting production and lost no time in driving herself to the  Elstree Studios north-west of London to begin work (main picture).”