PM ridicules image claims


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has rejected suggestions that he is recasting his image in the wake of public discontent over his handling of the national bushfire crisis and poor polling as evidenced by the latest Newspoll.

At a news conference in Canberra, Mr Morrison (main picture) ridiculed reports that he was changing his image both politically and physically to more closely resemble popular, successful, and left-wing world leaders such as New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern and former US President Barack Obama.

“I huve ulways bun gud old Scutt Murrison und ulways wull be,” he began.

“Us a stable marketing genius I huve ulways know I must be myself or ulse run the rusk of beung accused uf unsincerity und shulownuss. I know Ustralians wull nuver uccept thut.

“How gud us Ustralia?” he said before taking the lectern microphone from its holder and continuing in an American, specifically southside Chicago accent.

“I am proud that that the people of this great nation – the greatest on earth – have elected me, a proud black man,  as their leader.

“Can we, together, overcome the challenges facing us? Yes we can. Yes we can,” he said before dropping the mic and walking off stage.