All Australia needs is a red-hot hate!



A clod (it’s the collective noun) of right-wing columnists reckons its terribly un-Australian to hurl vile abuse at – and even hate – Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Clod Number One was Mike O’Connor in The Courier-Mail early last week who opined “it’s hate for hate’s sake and white hot like the flames that have fanned it”.

Mike reckons this hatred is an embarrassment to us all. Not to me, buddy, and most people I know but please continue.oconnorcmail

“There are many sad facets to the tragic events of recent days but one of the saddest is the revelation that many of us have been poisoned by hatred.

“The vitriol and abuse that have been heaped upon Scott Morrison in the wake of the fires reflects shamefully on those who perpetrate it and makes you wonder at their state of mind.”

My mind’s fine, but please… continue.

The clod then presents some top-shelf dribble that has you checking the picture byline to making sure it’s not Des Houghton, Peter Gleeson and Rowan Dean all rolled into one verbal vomitfest.

Mike is at pains to say the fires are not the PM’s fault. That lies at the feet of state governments who have not controlled forest fuel loads. That was Morrison’s line, too,  until it wasn’t.

“Any intelligent person would have to concede that Morrison, prime minister for a little over seven months, is not responsible for the fires,”

That, my dear plodding clodder, is a very debatable point, especially if any of we sensible and intelligent people prefer to focus on the size, intensity and duration of the fires rather than how they were sparked.

And this paragraph is a real doozey. Any spin doctor in the Prime Minister’s Office would be applauding this sickening effort: “They would also have to admit that given that he is a reasonably astute politician he would not have entertained the thought of taking a holiday if he had any inkling of how bad these fires would be.”

Would someone please hand me a chuck bucket or are they all being used on the fire front? Would it be terribly unAustralian of me to say nothing I’ve ever seen or heard from the Daggy Dad, Everyman next Door suggests he’s an astute politician on any level and that includes his “miracle” poll win.

There is so much wrong in just those few extracts from Mike O’Connor’s piece it’s hard to know where to begin.

Before that, though, the thoughts of Clod Number 2.

On the news site under a heading, The Personal Abuse Being Thrown At Our Prime Minister Is Un-Australian, freelancer writer Brad Emery is quick to point out,  just as Mike did, that  “Scott Morrison did not start these fires”.

Brilliant! Has anyone said he did? Brad by the way is a former Coalition adviser, unlike Mike O’Connor whose words suggest he thinks he is a current one.

“….the amount of personal abuse we’ve seen levelled at our Prime Minister — particularly by keyboard warriors on social media — has been more than unfair. It’s been un-Australian,” rages Emery.

“The timing of Scott Morrison’s overseas family holiday was perhaps ill-advised — the Prime Minister himself acknowledging as much. (Ouch, so much tougher than a forgiving O’Connor!) However, the political skin many continue to attempt to strip from the PM is just plain ugly.”

So listen in you plodding clodders. I’ll give you the good oil on what’s fucking un-Australian.

It’s fucking un-Australian that Morrison would happily see a couple of dozen Christian right wing happy-clapping nut jobs when they came a callin’ but wouldn’t see the same number of present and past fire experts when they warned months ago that a horror fire season was ahead of us.

It’s fucking un-Australian to scoot off for a secret Hawaiian holiday and get your office to repeatedly lie about it (trickle down fibbery?) when people had already died and homes and sheds had been lost and, listen to this, Mike O’Connor, the PM would have been fully aware that the infernos were going to get much worse.

Still, we can’t stop Morrison talking shit so what chance have we to stop O’Connor writing shit?

It’s fucking un-Australian to come back sulkily and spend every media moment to defend a holiday he made a hollow apology over taking.

It’s fucking un-Australian that he can’t seem to open his mouth without bullshit pouring out of it like a busted inlet pipe at the town sewerage works.

Bullshit about how long he’s been thinking of doing something he declared days before was not needed.

Bullshit that the firies wanted to be there. Bullshit that they loved being volunteers. Bullshit that they had every piece of equipment that needed.

Bullshit, just like O’Connor thinks, that it’s all the states’ fault.

Bullshit that Morrison had a “conversation” with a fire victim who didn’t want to hold his hand.

Bullshit that his government had always acknowledged climate change as one of the reasons for the current fire disaster.

It’s fucking un-Australian to be a PM so hostage to his own hubris that Morrison can tour the fire front and be so ignorant or uncaring of the facts that he commits the grave faux pas of saying that thankfully no one had died. An example of Morrison’s political astuteness, Mike O’Connor?

And as for the hate? Would you two plodding clodders please put me in this despicable, un-Australian category.

I hate Morrison with a vengeance I thought was impossible after Malcolm Fraser in 1975, and I’m far from alone.

Morrison doesn’t make my flesh crawl; it sloughs off my body, scurries across the floor and throws up in a dark corner.

I hate that there’s not a Christian bone in his entire body. His entire adult life’s work proves that.

I hate that he totally lacks any basic leadership skills.

I hate his Pentecostal, prosperity doctrine and Rapture-awaiting  mumbo jumbo.

I hate it that he can’t lie straight in bed.

I hate it that, just as Turnbull and Abbott did before him, Morrison used every possible moment to personally denigrate Bill Shorten as a compulsive liar, anti-worker, sycophant of billionaires and snake in the grass slithering his way to The Lodge. Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of that six-year campaign.

I hate the litany of lies, the farrago of fibs, that he spread about Labor’s election platform that made Mediscare the election before look like a kindergarten push and shove.

I hate the fact that he and the LNP just limped back into a totally undeserved third term  on the back of an unprecedented $60 million anti-Labor ad campaign by that worker-hating, fat prick Clive Palmer, telling a trillion more lies about Labor’s tax and spend plans than they did.palmers shifty shorten ad - net.jpg

Is such a red-hot hatred a bad thing?  Personally, I think it’s terribly un-Australian not to hate this prick as he plods along in a tedious self-confident smirkathon that will do our nation so much harm.

I want Smoko/Promo/Scummo/The Slogan Bogan/Liar from the Shire/Snakeoil Salesman/Scottie from Marketing/Flim-Flam Man out of Australian public life as quickly as possible. Australia can’t afford to wait until the next election.

If hate can achieve this, then hate works for me.