Oscars extends no-host idea


This year’s Academy Awards to be held in Los Angeles next month will again adopt the format of having no single host for the global broadcast.

But the February 9 awards, popularly known as the Oscars, will expand on the idea by also having no presenters and no live audience.

A spokesperson for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), Di Rectedby, said the event venue, the Dolby Theatre, had already been set up for the awards telecast (main picture) which would consist entirely of on-screen graphics announcing the nominees in various categories and the winner.

“The big advantage will be in the time we save,” Ms Rectedby said. “In the past the Oscars broadcast has been notorious for running over time.

“So for the 2020 event we thought we’d again have no host, but no presenters and no audience either.

“We’ve done the math and we’ll wrap up the whole show in just under 30 minutes when it usually takes anything up to four hours because of long, invariably self-indulgent acceptance speeches, commercial breaks, and lengthy rounds of applause often for no good reason.”

Ms Rectedby said having no audience also meant there would be no red carpet arrivals for the awards.

“We know the red carpet is a popular lead-in to the actual award presentations,” she said. “It gives actors, especially women, the chance to flaunt their figures and almost free their nipples by wearing the latest creation of some overpriced designer.

“But sacrificing that for a shorter broadcast overall will, I am sure, be a price viewers will willingly pay.

“We’ll also save money by not having to pay for the orchestra we usually engage for the Oscars.

“Let’s face it, we never really needed the orchestra. All the music can be pre-recorded. We only needed a live orchestra so we could drown out tedious and overlong speeches by Oscar winners, which is pretty much all of them,” Ms Rectedby said.