PM acts on climate change


Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he will continue to be “on the frontline” defending his Cabinet colleague Angus Taylor.

In comments some have viewed as insensitive in the current bushfire crisis, Mr Morrison said the political climate had changed after the NSW Police decided to refer to the Australian Federal Police its investigation into the Energy Minister and his release of incorrect travel budget figures relating to the Sydney City Council as part of an attack on the city’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

Speaking to reporters during a visit to Cobargo in NSW, the Prime Minister said: “This change in the political climate is real and poses an immediate threat to me and my government and one of my ministers.

“It means me and my government and one of my ministers could be incinerated if the Federal Police take this investigation seriously and find out Angus was in some way involving in setting off this political bushfire.

“Angus has explained what happened but Labor and others keep fanning the flames of this incident.

“Therefore I will be on the frontline fighting against these allegations, putting out the many political spot fires we will no doubt continue to see,  to ensure we tackle this climate change and that my minister, my government, and me all survive.

“I will burn for him, just as I have said I will burn for Australia. I am ready to watch and act and to do whatever it takes to guarantee his survival against these baseless allegations of wrongdoing,” Mr Morrison said.

When asked if he put any weight on claims that Mr Taylor’s office was responsible for doctoring a document originally appearing on the Sydney City Council website, Mr Morrison replied: “I don’t believe the science is settled on that.”