Ice-cream maker licks lawsuit


The Street’s Ice Cream company has avoided a possible multi-million-dollar compensation claim by agreeing to rename one of its iconic products for the Australian market.

Street’s spokesperson Cal Ippo said the company had weighed up the odds of successfully defending a lawsuit under the Sex Discrimination Act and had decided to make a simple change to its Golden Gaytime products to avoid potentially crippling legal action.

“A radical group of non-heterosexual activists threatened to take us to court under the Sex Discrimination Act because our Gaytime referred to only one lifestyle.

“We tried to explain that the name was coined 60 years ago when the ice cream was launched in 1959 at a time Gaytime was an innocent name to use.

“But the company decided it must move with the times so we are happy to invest in some rebranding to protect our good corporate name,” Mr Ippo said.

ann gree2Equal and non-judgmental co-chair of the Anti-Hetronormative Coalition, Ann Gree, (pictured) said the group targeted Street’s because of the blatantly offensive name it continued to use for one of Australia’s most popular ice-creams.

Gree, who uses the preferred personal pronoun “it”, said: “Its position is perfectly clear. Heteronormativity is a huge problem and its coalition intends to fight it whenever it sees it, and by it of course it is not referring to it but to it.”

Mr Ippo said once Street’s had exhausted current stocks, consumers would be seeing Street’s Golden LGBTIQA+times in shop freezers right across Australia.

“This change will make the ice-cream more inclusive and will give new meaning to our top-selling product’s longstanding slogan: ‘It’s hard to have a LGBTIQA+time on your own’,” he said.