Folau mediation drags on


The marathon mediation session involving former Wallaby Israel Folau and the Rugby Australia will resume in Melbourne today.

The mediation in the Federal Court began on Monday and ran for 12 hours with no result.

It was undertaken in a bid to resolve the dispute over Folau’s sacking as a result of his social media post earlier this year claiming gays, adulterers, thieves, and others would go to hell.

Folau has sought $14 million in compensation for his dismissal.

A spokesperson for Rugby Australia’s legal team said most of Monday’s 12-hour meeting did not involve mediation activities or discussions.

“In fact almost all of it was spent by both sides waiting for a surprise witness Mr Folau had sought to call at the 11th hour to support his case,” the spokesperson said. “We all waited and waited and basically twiddled our thumbs.

“But God did not appear so I guess we’ll wait some more today, or move for an adjournment until he or she shows up.

“I hope he or she appears pretty early on Wednesday because while I don’t mind the opportunity to catch up on some other paperwork while we wait, I do get a little tired of Israel’s lengthy sermons that he gives in the mediation room to help him and his supporters pass the time.

“It got so bad on the first day on Monday that I actually asked him politely if he would respect the views of others and tone it down, stop altogether, or go outside.

“But he told me to go to hell,” the spokesperson said.