Katharine finally sees the right

media dinkus

While The Bug greatly admires Katharine Murphy – mainstream media political reporting in Oz would be greatly improved if we could clone her a half a dozen times – we were a little taken back by one of her observations in a recent Guardian Australia essay.

Namely, that while she had always thought any comparison between Scott Morrison and Donald Trump was a little overblown, she now wasn’t so sure.

Katharine! Hello! HELL-LOWWWWWW!

The arms folded and the arrogant look of total self-belief wasn’t a good enough clue?

The constant belief that a good solid lie is always better than sticking with the truth?

The constant personal attacks on opponents, be they “lying Bill Shorten” or “Crooked Hillary Clinton”?

Surrounding themselves with far-right, wacky happy-clappers even though it’s plainly obvious neither man has a Christian bone in their bodies?

Their constant reference to fake news/Canberra bubbles and naughty media who can’t see the brilliance of their minds and their noble, altruistic plans for their citizens?

Still, Katharine. We love your work. Your compassion and decency. Your command and deep understanding of political issues. Your total unsuitability to ever work for NewsCorpse.

For that, we refuse to mark you down too much for one silly, little misreading of the common traits shared by two of our very common political “elites”.


The Bug always gains much amusement from each Saturday’s edition of the Sydney Morning Herald and today’s issue is no exception.

SMH - missing a.jpg

We reckon it takes a lack of professional skill and pride to let through a mistake in the second paragraph of the page-one lead.

In letter sent to Mr Morrison sent this week … is how that paragraph began.

Are finances so short at Nine that the SMH couldn’t even afford to buy just one little ‘a’?


There are a few other little omissions in the edition worthy of a mention.

In Spectrum, a review of a new whodunnit, Knives Out, features a pix of two of the stars, Don Johnson and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Johnson doesn’t rate a mention in the review at all. Jake Wilson might argue his omission was a deliberate part of his creative writing technique to spark reader interest but it still seems rather odd to us old-fashioned pedants at The Bug.


The other omission is a technical one. With just about every pre-press process now automated to sideline printing union thugs, there is sometimes a hiccup with the SMH with the presumably automatic masking up of pages that somehow manages to shave off a sliver of the actual image area and text.

It’s instructive that over many months now, no-one seems at all interested in fixing that flaw.