Frock en’ hell. Diana still had it in spades!

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Our loving tribute to the people’s princess

Almost two years after the Princess Diana of Wales was fatally injured in a Paris car crash alongside her dead as a Dodi boyfriend on August 31, 1997, Australian women’s magazines were still shamelessly milking her memory every chance they got.

Which got The Bug to thinking: are these disgraceful rags ever going to let up and allow this poor tragic woman to rest in peace?dead di spread DETAIL - net.jpg

How could we put an end to this shameful exploitation? The conversation in the Bug newsroom at the time went something like this:

“I bet Lady Di would still turn heads worldwide if she got to sashay around once more in some of her favourite outfits?”

“Well, of course she would. The poor girl would only be 37 and still gorgeous!”

“No. I mean even if she looked like she does now. You know. After almost a year-and-a-half buried on that lovely little island in the middle of a lake on her Spencer family estate!

“That story would surely make these pathetic rags give it away once and for all!”

And that conversation put in train probably The Bug‘s most expensive research ever for a single feature article: our reporter flew to the United Kingdom and researched weather patterns at Diana’s resting place. He got full details of Lady Di’s coffin. He then talked to the UK’s top entomologists and soil experts to ascertain how the people’s princess would have fared over time.

Our famous front-page – and a wonderful two-page spread showing how this beautiful woman would still look absolutely stunning and turn heads in some of her favourite gowns and frocks – are still talked about to this day.

Tomorrow: The “I didn’t Root Sallyanne” issue!


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