TV celebs rushed to hospital


Two of the nation’s most loved morning television stars are in hospital this morning – and they’ve been admitted overnight with entirely different health scares.

ABC TV’s News Breakfast co-host Lisa Millar is in a private Melbourne hospital where she is reportedly recovering well after being treated for acute punitis.

And across in Sydney at the North Shore Hospital, Channel 9 star Karl Stefanovic is on a saline drip as he battles a groggy reaction to a hectic rehearsal regime as he prepares to make his return to the Today show desk early in the New Year.

A spokeswoman for Ms Millar said the Queensland-born journalist was warned several months ago that co-host Michael Rowland’s constant punning would eventually take its toll.

The woman whom Ms Millar replaced, Virginia Trioli, told The Bug: “I’m surprised Lisa lasted as long as she did.

“Michael’s puns are really bloody awful and while you try your goddammed best to simply shut them out of your mind, they do take their toll.”

Karl Stefanovic’s agent told The Bug: “Karl’s been in a spare studio early each morning for rehearsals so the night before he’s been trying very hard to get the mixture just right.

“And by that I mean the mixture of rumbos and cokes, scotches and dries, red wines, white wines, champers, that sort of thing.

“You know, it’s not easy for someone so famous to have basically no personality at all and to be as dull as dishwater when they’re stone cold sober.

“Karl has to hit the sauce just the right amount so he can appear on set bright and early but with that little bit of cheeky, boyish good humour and capable of scintillating reparte and able to segue with the best of them.

“Get the mix wrong and he’s into a post-Logies giggling phase and then stupor which has never really worked for him or the network.”