Pauline’s dark past revealed!

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The “My Love Affair With Coon” issue.

Back in 1996, Pauline Hanson was just starting to make a shame for herself as the independent Member for Oxley in the House of Representatives.

In a controversial maiden speech, Ms Hanson warned that Australia risked being overrun by Asians. As she warmed to her role, she also regularly questioned welfare handouts, especially for Aborigines.

In November that year, The Bug was the first major Australian publication to sit down with red-haired firebrand for a warts-and-all  interview that, surprising, revealed a mellow, decent and caring side to the now perennial pollie.

It’s an interview that changed forever the preconceived views and perceptions of many people towards this controversial figure.

For example, Ms Hanson revealed a life-long addiction to the enjoyment of fine cheeses, including one brand of cheddar cheese in particular!

Ms Hanson featured sporadically in editions of The Bug over the years, including the issue that brought news to the world of her Asian cookbook that turned out to be an international best seller.


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The “Banned from Queensland University” issue:

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