Andy gets aggro

aroyal corres dinkusPrince Andrew has taken a new and aggressive stand towards the UK media since withdrawing from public life following his controversial weekend interview with the BBC’s Newsnight program.

My royal sources tell me the Prince has rethought his approach and now believed he had been “too honourable” in his previous dealings with the media.

“Prince Andrew is now adopting a more direct and frank approach to the media,” one Buckingham Palace source told me.

“His Royal Highness even picked up the phone himself when he read a story in The Times  claiming he had cancelled a visit to meet flood-affected families in the UK Midlands because he feared he may get booed (main picture).

“The fact he picked up the phone himself shows how much his attitude has changed since the terrible reception to his weekend interview.

“Of course, once he picked up the phone one of his servants had to actually dial the number and hold the phone to His Royal Highness’s ear.

“But once the editor came on the line, the Prince did not hold back and explained in no uncertain terms that The Times was totally and utterly wrong to think he cancelled the visit because he was afraid of being booed.

“He explained that the truth was he cancelled because he feared being bored and finished by attacking the paper’s sloppy reporting and spelling.

“The Prince is convinced his new approach to handling the media is the right one and will see a dramatic change in coverage very quickly.

“You know, I tend to agree with him on that point,” my source said.