Recognising a dogged advocate


A public appeal has been launched to create a lasting memorial to the political career of South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi.

And the artist behind the project believes it will one day rival the Dog on the Tuckerbox near Gundagai as a national monument and tourist attraction.

Senator Bernardi, known for his strong reich-wing views, has announced he will be leaving the Senate at the end of the year. First elected in 2006 as a Liberal, he quit to sit as a member of his own Australian Conservatives but this year deregistered the new party when it failed to become the leading far-reich-wing force in Australian politics.

Adelaide sculptor Mervyn de Prave (pictured) has called for donations to allow him to create what he described as “a fitting tribute to one of South Australia’s, nay Australia’s, most visionary public figures”.mervyn de prave

“Senator Bernardi is best remembered for his outright opposition to same-sex marriage,” Mr de Prave said.

“He pointed out that if we legalised same-sex marriage then the very idea of marriage between a man and woman would be irreversibly cheapened and the institution of marriage itself would crumble, leading inevitably to the possibility of marriage between humans and animals like dogs.

“While, unfortunately, we have not yet reached that stage I am sure that given Senator Bernardi’s foresight I do think it won’t be long until it’s a reality. I certainly hope so.

“With that in mind I have developed a concept for a suitable statue as a tribute to Senator Bernardi and his career in Canberra (main picture).

“The statue I envisage is based on my fiancée Bess Teealitee dressed in her wedding gown with a bridal bouquet.

“Doesn’t she look lovely? She’ll look even lovelier in bronze when and if the statue secures sufficient public support.

“And she’ll look simply divine when the day comes when I can take her walkies down the aisle as Senator Bernardi predicted,” he said.