PM’s absence explained


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has reappeared in the public spotlight after an absence of several days had prompted speculation on social media that he was hiding from further questioning over climate change in the midst of the nation’s bushfire crisis.

A spokesperson for Mr Morrison denied the PM had ever “gone missing” in recent days.

“I can say categorically that the PM was never ‘missing’ or ‘laying low’,” the spokesperson said.

“In fact we have been trying for several days to discuss the government’s innovative and more-than-adequate policies responding to climate change.

“We were just having difficulty getting the PM to the right media outlet where we knew he would get a good hearing and be able to have a wide-ranging, sensible, and factual discussion about climate change.

“Eventually he did get to the Sky News studio at Macquarie Park to appear on Rowan Dean’s program but it took some doing, I must admit.

“The PM has been staying in Sydney at Kirribilli House and, you wouldn’t believe it, but on the day he made his first attempt to get to Sky’s studios a sudden and intense bushfire swept through the suburb of Kirribilli.

“It’s never happened before and there was considerable damage. In fact the PM’s official car was burnt out (main picture) so he had to ring Rowan Dean and postpone his appearance.

pmcarflooded“The next day the PM made another attempt to get to the Sky studios but when his car reached Lane Cove it was stranded by a sudden flood (pictured) which is certainly something out of the ordinary.

“The PM and his driver had to swim to safety and, needless to say, his Sky News appearance didn’t happen.

“Then the following night the PM and his driver set off again but they only got as far as St Leonards when a Category 5 cyclone crossed the coast and hit Sydney’s northern suburbs.

pm car cyclone“Once again the  PM’s limo was written off (pictured) but thankfully he and the driver were safe, although Rowan Dean was not happy when he got the call to cancel, again.

“Thankfully today the PM and his driver finally reached the Sky studios, yet even then things didn’t go exactly to plan.

“At first it looked like the floods from a few days before had not subsided (pictured), but Rowan explained it was actually a sudden rise in sea levels which had reached Sky’s third-floor studios.

pm sky flod“Still they persevered and the PM gave some top-notch answers to Rowan’s refreshingly factual and professional questions about climate change,” the PM’s spokesperson said.