We’re thirty…. and still going for broke!


In two weeks, we’ll mark three decades since the very first hard-copy issue of Australia’s longest non-continuous-running and by far the least profitable satire and humour newspaper hit the streets of Brisbane.30th birthday cake- net

The issue came out virtually on the eve of the 1989 Queensland state election on December 2 that brought Wayne Goss’s Labor to power and ended more than 30 years of conservative power.

Day by day over coming weeks we’ll highlight some of the most talked-about editions, the ones people found most offensive or legally actionable, in the almost 20 years of The Bug‘s original hardcopy life.

We’ll end with the original issue – you’ll discover we held out very little hope that Labor in 1989 would finally win – but leading up to that we’ll grab front pages and major stories at random so you can all marvel at the absolute stupidity of those behind The Bug, a couple of clowns who love writing but could never really be bothered about trying to make a quid out of it in the process.

Tomorrow: The month in 1992 when The Bug went trapezoid, a daring world-first in newspaper publishing.

cover - trapezoid issue - net.jpg