Boeing launches safer 737


The Boeing aircraft company has unveiled the replacement for its troubled 737 MAX aircraft.

A Boeing spokesperson said the new Boeing 737 GT (main picture) designed to carry 220 passengers would go into production soon at the company’s Seattle plant on the US north-west coast.

“Boeing can guarantee the 737 GT will have none of the safety issues that plagued the 737 MAX,” the spokesperson said.

“Boeing is proud to say that the 737 GT is guaranteed never to fall from the sky like the 737 MAX did.

“We are also proud that the new aircraft will be the most environmentally friendly commercial plane ever produced by Boeing or indeed any other major manufacturer.

“It will have zero carbon emissions, making it climate friendly and because of its environmental credentials Boeing decided to name the new 737 model the GT, after Swedish teenage climate-change activist Greta Thunberg.”

The spokesperson said Boeing believed passengers in Australia and elsewhere would accept a slight increase in travel times if it meant cleaner skies and no contribution to climate change.

“Just as examples, other 737 models now take around one hour to go from Brisbane to Sydney and four hours to get from Melbourne to Perth.

“The 737 GT will take about two days to get from Brisbane to Sydney and a week to go from Melbourne to Perth.

“But we think the travelling public’s concern for both climate change and safety will make those times perfectly acceptable, even if ticket prices will have to rise in direct proportion to the longer trip times,” the spokesperson said.

The Bug asked for other example travel times including Adelaide to Alice Springs and Townsville to Mount Isa, but the phone line to Seattle suddenly dropped out.