Nine: We’re the one … for laughs!

media dinkusChannel 9’s Sydney news continues to provide plenty of laughs, all unintentional.

One The Bug really enjoyed the other day was the repeated reference to the man found dead in “an abandoned car”. He probably wished he had abandoned it. If all of us were to be told in advance the time and place of our death, we’d stay bloody well clear of that location on that date, surely?

And just the other night, another PYT* reported that an inner-city fire that engulfed a multi-million dollar mansion had been fought by “more than 80 fire crews”. That’s rather bad luck for anyone else in Sydney who’s joint was going up at much the same time.

Credit where credit is due though. That last example of shit journalism came from Channel 9’s 4pm news bulletin and had been fixed for the main 6pm news.

We know. We know. It’s hard to believe 9 had someone on staff at the time and with the experience to spot the mistake and get the lass to redo her voiceover. Unless she spotted it herself… oh, we’re only joshin’.

*Pretty Young Thing. Gender neutral term.



Surely this must be one for the old “you know your ratings are in deep poo-poo when …” category.karl rejoins today - net.jpg

That’s right. Karl Why and Allison Who are going to helm 9’s morning Today show to try to stem falling ratings.

We’ll repeat something The Bug cruelly said many moons ago: for so long on Today, Karl was a hungover stale glass of water to Lisa Wilkinson’s fizzy Berocca tablet.

We wanted to mention the SMH‘s coverage of this momentous event, not because there was anything basically wrong with what was a fairly straight report and Private Sydney column mention, but to ponder the question: would they have been a little bit edgier – a tad bitchier in the gossip column especially – if the SMH wasn’t now owned by you-know-who?

What the story did miss – and The Bug now brings you up to speed with – is that Steve Jacobs’ career at 9 is also in danger after he was once again accidentally stood on by one of his fellow Today cast members during the taping of the show earlier this week.

Drawing attention

Usually when a newspaper makes changes in its reporting ranks or adds a new name to its talent bank, we read about it in a small story on page 2.

leak compileSo it was somewhat odd to see the treatment given on Saturday to the appointment of The Australian’s new editorial cartoonist Johannes Leak, son of the late Bill Leak who held the same job until his death in 2017.

Leak the Younger’s arrival apparently deserved front page treatment by The Weekend Australian, two more stories taking out all of page 19 , plus the inclusion of some of his caricatures to decorate the Inquirer section of Saturday’s paper (pictured).

leak cartoonThat was all on top of his actual cartoon (pictured) on page 23 which The Bug‘s media analysis team found to be somewhat, shall we say, indulgent when there were so many red-hot stories and personalities floating around this week just waiting to be skewered.

Let’s hope all the fanfare is worth it once he starts to wield his pen, or stylus, on actual issues.

What, no Courier!!!

We at The Bug are as concerned and confused as you are that there’s no pisstake of The Courier-Mail in today’s Glasshouse edition. And, no, Renee Viellaris is not on holidays, as far as we know.

So we’ll just run with this to make everyone feel good about themselves.

courier mail dunny joke SMALL