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A ScoMo-ing we do go….

The Bug has had fun before with the dedication to the cause shown by the LNP’s Bowen Hills branch – sorry, News Queensland.

And in particular, that delightful LNP publicist Renee Viellaris whose contributions often follows a predictable pattern: a write-off from an LNP drop on page one, and some breathless prose as the main propaganda piece – sorry news report – unfolds on inside news pages.

And we thought Friday’s effort was a doozey – certainly up with her best.

Renee’s preview about what her beloved ScoMo would be saying to a Brisbane meeting of mine-like-ed folk contains many paragraphs about what the PM was going to say – and we have no problem with that content, no matter how vomitous that material might be.

But what we loved from the get-go was Renee’s own colourful and flowery observations, caring adjectives and supporting phrases.

She told readers that the PM would “forcefully” foreshadow outlawing “apocalyptic” climate change activists, and went on to claim the protestors were “cruelling the economy”.

The PM, she said, would be “drawing a line in the sand” and his Brisbane speech would not “sugarcoat the challenges” to industry and the Queensland economy posed by “aggressive activism”.

While other politicians “dance around the issue” the PM would be calling out “unacceptable” behaviour that is “seriously disrupting people’s lives”.

To us Renee’s own words actually sounded like the spin a ScoMo minder may have whispered down the phone when giving her the drop.

But then again, maybe great minds think alike.

Nevertheless, as usual not all the credit can go to Renee. Once again the subs up at the Courier have been excellent in doing what’s expected of them.

SCOMO TARGETS CLIMATE ZEALOTS is about as good as it gets, especially when ANARCHISTS was clearly too long.

As as for the reverse jockey line, ScoMo digs in, above such an evocative heading in PM targets climate bullies. Wonderful work.

You simply can’t pay for professional talent of that standard. Well, okay, clearly you can.

A costly free plug

cmail011119This story (pictured) appeared in Brisbane’s morning tabloid The Courier-Mail last Friday telling readers of a new and remarkable caravan that’s 8.5m long and cost $360,000 and apparently full of useful and luxury features.

The story also told readers that the new caravan was on display at a big caravan and camping event — the Let’s Go Brisbane Caravan and Outdoor Sale — being staged at the Brisbane Showgrounds.

But did we see a photo of the caravan in question to give us some idea of what it and its apparently must-see features looked like?

Well, no. What we got was a picture of an attractive young woman sitting in another sort of recreational vehicle.

The rather brief mention of the $360k caravan in the story was followed by details of the Brisbane Caravan and Outdoor Sale which were no doubt designed to encourage readers to attend.

In other words this little write-up was a plug trying to hide in the news pages as a legitimate story.

caravans8We wondered whether the appearance of the story could be linked to the appearance of paid advertising for the big caravan sale.

We soon found a quarter-page ad for the event in the same edition of The Courier-Mail.

But on further examination we found the same ad in a total of eight consecutive editions (pictured) leading up to the event which ends today.

It seems getting a free plug in The Courier-Mail is a costly business these days.

I sawn it too…

Let’s ponder the first paragraph of this story in a recent edition of The Courier-Mail and simply ask: A sawn-off what?