Brexit hits the road


Workers at a major UK car plants have been given assurances that their jobs are safe for the time being following the merger of two of the world’s biggest European-based vehicle manufacturers.

Their long-term future now rests on the market acceptance and sales performance of a new car to be called the Brexit (main picture).

UK-based Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and French multinational Groupe PSA this week agreed to a UK£35 billion merger which analysts said would make it the world’s fourth-biggest automotive manufacturer.

In addition to Fiat and Chrysler, FCA owns brands including Jeep, Dodge, and Maserati while PSA makes Peugeots, Citroens, Opels, and Vauxhalls.

The merger had been predicted to include the loss of 1,200 jobs with the closure of the PSA-owned Vauxhall plant in Bedfordshire which makes cars mainly for the UK market.

However, a spokesperson for the merged entity said Vauxhall workers could rest easy, at least for the time being.

“To mark the merger, the new and bigger company plans to manufacture a new Vauxhall family car, the Brexit,” the spokesperson said.

“We think the unique design of the new car, a mix of a Chrsyler and a Citroen, will be very evocative of Brexit itself.

“We’re sure that whenever anyone sees it cruising down the street they will immediately think of Brexit.

“We’ll be keeping the UK plant open as long as Brexit sales hold up,” the spokesperson said.