Climbers attack Brisbane woman


A 72-year-old Brisbane woman has been forced to live like a hermit and seek police protection after a flood of strangers attempted to climb her in recent days.

Mrs Ula Rhoo said she was puzzled by the behaviour of the people who began turning up at her Tarragindi house in recent weeks.

“I’ve become very run down trying to fight off people trying to climb me,” Mrs Rhoo said.

“Just yesterday, I had a really high temperature – almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit – so I sat out in the sun for a bit of fresh air but despite that within minutes dozens still tried to climb me.

“I’m a widow, having lost my hubby Jim a decade ago, so it has been a frightening experience because if Jim were here he would have put a stop to this nonsense by now.

“Jim and I migrated here from Ireland in the 1960s and settled in our little home in what until now has always been a quiet, peaceful suburb.

“But in the last few weeks that all changed. It started one day when I was doing some gardening in the front yard.

“Several cars pulled up on the street and people got out and came into my yard.

“They didn’t say a word, just started climbing all over me. It was quite frightening not to mention disrespectful.

“It happened every time I went outside or left the house to go shopping.

“People would even follow me and start climbing all over me in the biscuit aisle at my local Woollies.

“I’ve now had to resort to locking myself in my house. I’m living like a hermit. I can’t go out of my front door.

“But even that hasn’t stopped some who are determined to get to me so they can climb all over me (main picture).

“I’ve called the police and they are doing regular patrols. But that’s not the answer because some people just leap the fence, climb me, then run away before the police turn up.

“I just don’t know what else I can do,” she said.