Right royal feud

aroyal corres dinkusThe feud between Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has intensified following her delivery this week of the formal speech opening the UK Parliament.

As I have previously reported, Her Majesty is no fan of Mr Johnson and never has been.

My Buckingham Palace sources have told me her dislike of him has only grown since the UK Supreme Court last month overturned the suspension of Parliament the PM advised the Queen to approve.

“But even prior to that Her Majesty thought Mr Johnson was a boorish, thoughtless, talentless, self-obsessed, chubby little oink,” one source told me.

“She was most upset that she had been misled into signing the document to prorogue parliament only to find later that he had not crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s and the Supreme Court had no option but to tear it up.

“The Queen was heard to remark that this was the most embarrassing moment in her entire reign, and that’s saying something when you recall what her children and husband have said and done over the years.

“But the antagonism between Downing Street and the Palace grew worse after the PM refused to authorise expenditure for the Queen to use the official state horse-drawn coach to travel to and from Westminster for the opening of Parliament.

duke collision“Her Majesty was aghast. She ran through the options open to her, one of which was to have the Duke of Edinburgh drive her. But after Prince Phillip spent a few hours practising in the Buckingham Palace grounds (pictured), it was  decided that wasn’t an option.

“Then she considered taking a bus, but her advisers reminded her that it was not a happy experience for her on the one and only time she had done that previously (pictured).

“So Her Majesty ended up downloading an app for hiring an electric scooter and made her way there and back by herself (main picture),” the source said.

queen at bus stopMy sources also told me that the Queen was not happy with the quality of the speech she was required to read.

In fact one Palace insider told me she had remarked after reading a final draft: “Do I really have to read out this shit?”

In fact, I am told that to drive home the point Her Majesty personally asked the Prime Minister if she could keep the master copy of the speech she had used at the opening.

The PM was puzzled, given that she had never before made such a request in her entire time on the throne.

But apparently he was even more puzzled when he asked why she wanted it and she replied that “one wants to put it to one’s sanitary use”.