Will Trioli’s gaffe send bookies broke?


On-line bookies throughout Australia face financial ruin after countless punters cashed in on their belief that the ABC’s Virginia Trioli would make a major gaffe on her very first day on Melbourne morning radio.

“The payout will run into the millions from us alone,” a spokesperson for SportsBet told The Bug. “If we survive this, we’ll keep to sports betting from now on.”

Yesterday morning on her first shift replacing John Faine on ABC’s Melbourne Morning radio program from 8.30am to noon, Ms Trioli (pictured above) said she was proud to be the first woman to host the timeslot, adding with pride that that would mean something to little girls listening that “their voices belonged everywhere”.

Unfortunately, Ms Trioli got her facts horribly wrong.

ABC Melbourne issued a correction mid-morning which said: “Elizabeth Bond presented 3LO mornings after Terry Lane was sacked in 1977”.

In fact, Bond hosted the 8.30-11am program on 3LO for two years.

Ms Trioli, the former long-term ABC News Breakfast co-host, told The Bug: “Ordinarily, I’d feel a bit of a goose making such a gaffe on my first day.

“But seeing it’s probably going to be the only mistake I make even if I do this job for decades, I think we can all move on now, don’t you think?”

Ms Trioli then pronounced perfectly every town and city under siege from Turkish attack in northern Syria and gave a brief but brilliant summary of Islamic belief systems throughout the world, often lapsing into Sunni and Shia sub-dialects to make her points, before abruptly hanging up on us.