New protest group adds to chaos


A new protest group has staged its first traffic-stopping occupation of a Brisbane CBD intersection, adding to the recent chaos caused by climate change activists.

The new group of elderly women calling themselves the Bextinction Rebellion shut down the busy intersection at Elizabeth and George streets during peak hour this morning.

The group’s ringleader, Ava Vincents, said the aim of the protest was to see the return to the market of Bex headache powders (pictured).

e158cf8420f6db903a08e0fe90260eb9“Our tactics are simple — have a cup of tea, a Bex, and a good lie down in the middle of a busy CBD intersection,” Mrs Vincents said.

“Bex powders were marketed mainly to Australian housewives up until the 1970s when they disappeared from shops around the nation.

“Young kiddies today may never have heard of Bex which was a very popular variety of what’s known as an APC powder —  a mixture of  acetaminophen or paracetamol, phenacetin, and caffeine

“You took them with a glass of water for headaches or the relief of other pain or fever.

“I used to take one or two before breakfast, then a few more at lunch, and later a couple at dinner time, and more before I went to bed.

“I never felt any pain. In fact I rarely felt anything at all.

“Yet Bex powders ended up being driven from the market just because some eggheads claimed they supposedly caused kidney disease including cancer.

“But I don’t think the science was ever settled on that,” Mrs Vincents said.