Harry sparks mercy dash

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Her Majesty the Queen ordered her personal medial staff to fly to Africa over the weekend to examine the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, after several recent public incidents sparked concerns about his well-being among senior ranks of the Royal Family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the former Meghan Markle, are part way through a 10-day tour of several African nations.

My Buckingham Palace sources tell me that Her Majesty first became concerned when Prince Harry was photographed last week on a visit to the nation of Angola to promote an anti-landmine organisation in a setting almost identical to that in which his mother Princess Diana was captured more than 20 years ago (pictured). harry mines

An examination of the photo that was widely published around the world showed the Prince was wearing clothes identical to those worn by his mother on her visit to the same area in 1997 just months before she was killed in a car crash in Paris.

The following day the Prince chose another of his mother’s outfits or a reproduction of one to be photographed meeting a child being treated at an Angolan hospital (pictured).harry crutch

If that were not sufficient to cause concern to Her Majesty, Prince Harry has been photographed at a number official receptions during the visit wearing reproductions of Princess Diana’s other outfits (main picture and below).

My sources tell me that Her Majesty acted swiftly after she received a phone call from the Duchess of Sussex who sought the Queen’s intervention.

“Meghan was very concerned about Harry’s behaviour,” a Buckingham Palace source told me. “She first raised her concerns with her husband and told him in no uncertain terms that his behaviour had to stop because it was clear to her that his appearances were taking the spotlight away from her own fashion choices for the African tour.

harrygown“The Queen decided to act and directed a Buckingham Palace medical team led by her personal physician Dr Abe Dicate to board a Royal Air Force VIP jet and fly to Africa to examine Harry.

“But her concerns were soon put to rest when Dr Dicate rang her to say Prince Harry’s behaviour was not directly related to any unresolved issues with his late mother.

“The Prince was in fact acting completely normal for upper class British males who all enjoy frocking up now and again.

“This put Her Majesty’s mind at ease and she returned to quizzing the Prince of Wales on the whereabouts of the new dress she has just had made for when she next officially opens the British Parliament,” my source said.