Trump has Democrats in his sights


US President Donald Trump has followed up his boycott of this week’s United Nations’ summit on climate change by shifting his position on a range of key social and environmental issues in a bid to secure re-election in November 2020.

Democratic Party strategists had predicted that Trump would water down his conservative stands on “hot button” issues in the wake of criticisms of his failure to attend the climate summit, his sarcastic response on social media to Norwegian teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg, and the announcement of possible impeachment proceedings against him.

But many have now admitted they got it wrong.

A Democratic Party insider told The Bug the party had long believed Trump would shift more to the middle ground on a range of issues, abandoning his previous consistently right-wing stance.

“Yep, we got this one wrong in a big way,” the insider said. “Instead of moving slightly left to the middle ground, if not to the left as such, the President has caught us by surprise by going the other way,” he said.

“In all our planning for 2020 we have been war-gaming a move by him to abandon his hard right positions on key issues. But we never anticipated he would go even further to the right. I mean, really to the right. Way over to the right.”

In recent days Mr Trump has signalled his shift to the far right by making  a flying visit to Africa (main picture) where he went elephant hunting and declared that if re-elected he would make the “sport” legal in the USA and create more jobs by re-establishing the ivory trade.

trump harponHe returned to the US on board Air Force One but made a stopover in Japan to board a whaling factory ship where he operated the harpoon (pictured) and bagged a minke whale before announcing that if re-elected he planned to issue an executive order overturning the US ban on commercial whaling as part of his job-creation efforts.

On arriving back in Washington Mr Trump boarded his official helicopter Marine One and flew to a West Virginian coal mine where he went underground to announce that if he secured a second term he would reinvigorate the coal industry including by allowing for the use of pit ponies to cut production costs and guarantee long-term production and jobs (pictured).

trump pony“We thought we were home and hosed come November 2020 regardless of who ends up being our presidential nominee,” the Democratic insider said.

“But the polling we’ve done in just the last few days shows the President has enjoyed a huge boost as a result of these recent announcements. If he keeps this up he’ll romp home come November next year.”

The insider said he feared further changes to the President’s policy positions in coming weeks and months.

“He’s already announced the go-ahead for coal mine pit ponies, but we’ve heard he plans to visit another coal mining centre next week and he’s insisted on taking with him a group of small children each with their own hard hat and pick and shovel,” he said.