Nine’s papers now doing the right thing


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Considering the large amount of dosh Nine Entertainment forked out to buy the Fairfax mastheads, you could be forgiven for wondering why they are trying so hard to taunt good folk into cancelling their subscriptions to those mastheads.

Hosting that recent Liberal Party fundraiser in the Today studio at Channel 9’s Sydney HQ might have seemed like a good idea at the time to Nine’s chairman Peter Costello but subscribers to its newly acquired mastheads who have a leftish political bent would surely have thought it stank to high heaven.

The reporters on those mastheads certainly did, claiming it damaged their reputations for objective and fair journalism while making a mockery of the bold “Independent. Always” Fairfax branding boasts that Nine has happily kept under those mastheads.

Perhaps management knows they are on safe grounds because its subscriber base is made up largely of right-wing arseholes any way?

Rich, older pricks with negatively geared investment properties who love to read the SMH and its sister Sunday paper the Sun-Herald and wet their pants as they scan stories hopefully suggesting that Sydney property prices will soon once again be rising by 20 per cent plus a year. How good was that for Australian society, eh?

But let’s say, for the sake of argument, that the subscriber base for the SMH and Sun- Herald (let’s ignore the Australian Financial Review as a lost, far-right-wing cause under the Sutchmaster) has even just a quarter who lean left.

With the print media circulations dying in the arse, can Nine afford to annoy them by such follies as that Lib fundraiser? Or for general sales on the streets of Sydney either, seeing left-leaning people still made up just under half the voting population at the last federal election.

Another way Nine appears intent on pissing off lefties is to be found in their world news pages. The Bug presents as evidence a cream-puff piece in the latest Sun-Herald about Boris Johnson’s Brexit woes (shown above).

Maybe in keeping with the image it used (at top), the story is basically a load of steaming right-wing bullshit from two scribes, Gordon Rayner and Simon Johnson, at the Torygraph in London. More PR than proper reporting.

The Bug is not sure whether the former-Fairfax used the Torygraph as UK news fodder way back when but its use now is a concern to anyone wanting to read a fair and balanced account of anything happened at the centre of empire.

Beneath that nice bullish headline showing how resolute new UK PM Boris Johnson is, the authors use the first eight paragraphs to paint Johnson as a man who “will not” carry out House of Commons directions and had “ruled out” any Brexit extension.

Prominent Tory MP and fop Ian Duncan Smith is there to declare the PM “should be willing to be seen – and would be seen as – a Brexit “martyr”.

In Scotland, the writers declared that Johnson was “sticking to his guns”. “I don’t want a delay,” he said.

They then bang on about Labour which “fears it will lose an early election” and was having talks to delay Brexit. Home Secretary Priti Patel is given space to declare Labour Leader Corbyn “had one last chance” to “do the right thing” and order his party to agree to a general election.

How’s this for just one par from the Torygraph puff piece?

Writing in London’s Telegraph, Patel said Corbyn’s “disdain for democracy” was causing “bewilderment and anger”among voters and the Labour leader wanted to delay and election because he thinks the public “can’t be trusted to decide”.

Then it’s back to some pars from Duncan Smith and a constitutional crisis “entirely of Labour’s making”. Corbyn wanted to deny the public “any say in the matter”.
Boris “was on the side of the people”.

Back to our writers on Boris then who, in writing to Tory members, declared Labour MPs had “left us no choice” but to call for an election. Boris would never ask Brussels for a Brexit extension.

There was no room in the article for any direct comments from Corbyn or Labour or those other Opposition party leaders Corbyn was talking to.

But to be fair to the Torygraph article and its two writers, they did refrain from mentioning – possibly because they assume all their readers already know – that Corbyn remained a rabid Jew hater and a red-hot Commie nation wrecker.