Harry answers his critics


The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, has defended his and his wife’s use of private jets in the face of criticism that they are contributing to global warming.

The Prince addressed the concerns during a stopover in Paris during a brief visit to France for lunch and some shopping using Sir Elton John’s private business jet (main picture).

Shouting over the noise of the afterburners on the jet’s engines – kept running to maintain the correct on-board air-conditioned temperature – Prince Harry said he and his wife, the former Meghan Markle, used non-commercial flights only when their security was a concern.

“On this trip I was concerned that our security could be at risk because of environmental protesters wanting to make a point about my use of private jets, so Sir Elton luckily came to the party,” he explained.

When asked whether he would limit his use of private jets because of their disproportionate contribution to climate change from their engine emissions, the Prince said he was aware of the argument.

“But luckily I’m filthy rich enough to buy offset carbon credits, so really when it comes to using private jets, the sky’s the limit – quite literally,” he said.