Arnott’s unveils new names


Arnott’s Biscuits has unveiled new names for some of its most popular varieties to meet new international and local trading rules that outlaw the use of place names except for products historically linked to specific places or regions and demand more honest descriptions of foodstuffs.

ginger nuttSpokesperson for Arnott’s biscuit division, Ginger Nutt, (pictured) said the need to rename its products was sparked by recent demands by the European Union to expand previous rules protecting the names applied to products originating in specific locations.

“For some years the French haven’t let anyone else market a range of geographically based wine names such as ‘champagne’ because they are products made in specific region of the country, “ Ms Nutt said.

“Now the EU wants to stop other countries using names on food products like cheeses such as edam or gouda because they are products originating from specific places. So we decided to rebrand our range to comply with the new laws.”

Ms Nutt said the biscuits needing to undergo the renaming and rebranding process were the longstanding staples of the Arnott’s range, the Scotch Finger, the Monte Carlo, and the Nice.

“Regardless of what happens with Brexit, we want to avoid any disruption to our markets if we are told that we can no longer use the word ‘Scotch’ because clearly our variety is made in Australian factories and really owe nothing to Scotland,” Ms Nutt said.

“The same goes for Monte Carlos which have no connection to the Mediterranean principality and Nice biscuits which have never come from Nice.

“So we undertook a major consumer campaign involving dozens of consumer questionnaires and focus groups to seek out suggestions for a new name.

“This was complicated by imminent new requirements by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission which will demand a more honest description of products, especially food products, so consumers know exactly what they are buying and eating.

montecarlo“We made the EU and ACCC requirements clear to those consumers who participated in our research and they gave us three new and more honest names.

“So the name Scotch Fingers will soon disappear and be replaced by the Partially Divided Fairly Bland And Somewhat Under-Baked Biscuits.

“Baked Round Biscuits Glued Together By A Mysterious Yet Sweet Artificial Red and White Industrial Strength Paste will replace Monte Carlos.

nicebiscuits“As far as Nice biscuits go, we had to run with the second most popular name arising from the focus groups which was Flat Bland Biscuits Sprinkled With Too Much Sugar.

“Head office banned us from going with the focus groups’ first choice – Oversweetened Baked Slabs of Shit – which wasn’t really nice at all,” Ms Nutt said.