Is it hooroo to Tuvalu…

media dinkus

…. or just someone’s sinking feeling?

A big cheerio to Jessie Stephens, associate editor and co-host of Mamamia’s flagship podcast, Mamamia Out Loud. 

In a comment piece entitled Alan Jones’ solution for women he disagrees with: Shut them up by any means necessary, Jessie opines that the island of Tuvalu is “quite literally sinking”.

Well, actually, Jessie. It’s quite literally not sinking. In fact, while we at The Bug aren’t geologists, we understand Tuvalu is neither sinking or rising. It is going nowhere, in more ways than one. Neither up, nor down nor full-stream ahead.

Instead of the island sinking, the waters around Tuvalu are, quite literally, rising, which is a totally different kettle of fish that Tuvaluans might, quite literally, not be around in the future to catch.

But even that scenario might, quite literally, be disputed by the likes of Jones, Tony Abbott, Rowan Dean and anyone who has ever  appeared, quite literally or otherwise, on Sky News Australia.

You can never have too much court time

The Bug delved into Saturday’s SMH to find an oldie but a goldie …. a gold-plated subbing let-through, that is.serving time in court - net

As the clip (right) shows, a ski instructor has been sentenced to 10 years jail in the Queanbeyan District Court.

The defendant is understandably delighted with the decision, as the hastily arranged accommodation facilities in the courthouse and the meals court officials now provide from a deli across the road are far nicer than he would have experienced in, say, Goulburn Maximum Security Prison down the road aways.


Don Gordon-Brown