Trump thumbs his nose at critics


Anger over a picture of a beaming US President Donald Trump giving the thumbs  up in El Paso after the shooting massacre there has reached boiling point with the release of another image suggesting he has tacky and inappropriate form in such matters.

The Bug  has been sent a photo (above) purporting to be of a much-younger Trump finding the Twin Towers terrorist attack of 2001 a bit of a hoot and a cause for celebration as well.

But minutes later, President Trump hit back on Twitter, saying: “Fake new, people! I wasn’t … (sniff)… even in Washington on Nine Eleven. 1/3.”

“That photo isn’t even of me. We can all see that. … (sniff)… But even if it was I clearly thought it was a location shoot … (sniff)… for some Hollywood disaster blockbuster. 2/3″

“Besides, that photo was taken before I realised how many innocent Americans were being murdered … (sniff)… in those despicable attacks by Muslim terrorists … (sniff)… on that horrible day in our nation’s history. 3/3″

The new photo came on the heels of the one out of Texas in recent days (pictured below) which many Trump critics have slammed as showing a deplorable lack of taste and compassion at a time when the local El Paso community was grieving the loss of 22 innocent lives.trump thumbs tweet web

But one academic has shot back at Trump’s critics and questioned whether the photos would do any harm at all to the nation’s much-loved leader.

Professor Steve Bannon of Breitbart University said both photos showed a master manipulator working the silent majority of decent and honest Americans who just want to see their country made great again.

“All the emergence of that photo from 2001 does is to rekindle the anger in the minds of a vast majority of citizens who still believe the Twin Towers attacks never happened.

“And with this latest photo, President Trump has sent a powerful message to his support base just over a year out from the next presidential elections,” Doctor Professor Bannon said.

“Frankly it’s a photo that should send chills down the spines of any potential Democrat challengers for late 2020.

“Proving the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, a beaming US president with a triumphant thumbs-up showed without the need for a single utterance just how grateful he was to the National Rifle Association for the role it played in making his lovely trip to El Paso, Texas, this week possible.

“And smiling and lovely First Lady Melania proved she was more than happy to cradle a wee one orphaned by last weekend’s Walmart shootings for as long as it took for the happy snap to be taken before tweeting it to her 12.3 million Twitter followers.

“The president’s tacit message to the silent majority of Christians who will see him reelected next November was crystal clear: it’s only through massacres such as this that good Christians everywhere can offer to step forward and help do God’s work in getting victims’ families through such horrific ordeals.

“You can almost hear the President saying ‘My people are being more than happy… they haven’t taken a backward step, folks, to help out….just like I wouldn’t have if I’d been here last Saturday… I would have charged that crazed gunman empty-handed and unarmed…you all know I would have done that… wouldn’t have thought twice… and my supporters likewise have put their hands up to do the decent thing and help these poor folk. It’s been a yuge response, even though they know plenty of the victims here in Toledo aren’t white’.”