Al Gore changes his tune

AMERICAN POLITICSFormer US vice-president Al Gore is taking a break from his work highlighting the threat of climate change.

Mr Gore has formed a jazz trio, the Al Gore Rhythms, with two other Democratic Party luminaries and will start a three-month US tour in September to mark the 30th anniversary of his invention of the internet.

The other members of the trio are former Democratic Party presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter (main picture).

“I’m pleased that Jimmy Carter has agreed to play with me and Bill on the tour,” Mr Gore said.

“It’s a big effort for him at age 94 but he’s a fantastic banjo player.

“Most people know that Bill plays the sax, but they may not be aware that I’ve been a bass player for many years.

“I took it up after I won the 2000 presidential election but the Supreme Court found George W Bush should serve my term, and the one after that too.

“At that time I had lots of know-it-alls in the Democratic Party telling me I needed to play to the base.

“I admit I misheard them, signed up for lessons, and the rest is history,” Mr Gore said.