Corruption Commission launched


The Bug is today proud to announce the immediate launch of The People’s Commission into Scott Morrison Corruption.

The commission’s terms of reference: to find further evidence of corruption (ie: criminal activity) in the lifetime of Prime Minister Scott Morrison sufficient to remove him from office as quickly as possible before he can do irreparable harm to Australian society.

The Bug hopes the People’s Commission into Scott Morrison Corruption can complete its work by year’s end – at the very least to have him gone from our national political stage by the anniversary of his re-election on May 18.

Put simply: Australia can’t afford to wait three years to rid ourselves of Morrison. It will then be far too late.

Is Morrison corrupt? Well, of course he is. We already know that. The man is about as emotionally and spiritually corrupt as any person can be. You only have to look at him and listen to him to know that.

Just about everything he’s done in his adult life reeks of corruption: his shady work history, the way he conscripted the help of Murdoch’s shit Sydney rag to destroy the rival who had trashed him in the original grassroots vote for the federal electorate of Cook, his inability to construct a coherent argument without a blatant porkie or two and his endless character assassination of Bill Shorten are all well-known.

Worse still, he blindly follows a fringe religion that demands a prosperity theory at any cost; he hates working class people with an almost visceral intensity, his politics rigidly favour the haves over the have-nots as evidenced by his recent laws to flatten the nation’s income tax rates; and he has shown time and again that he’ll do anything that’s needed to destroy anyone who gets in the way of his ambitions in life.

With Morrison, the end will always justify the means. Okay, so we know he’s a total cunt; we need now to expose him as a corrupt crook as well.

To that end The Bug has realised that our nation needs a final “smoking gun” to force Morrison from office. Hence our people’s commission – and its title.

It’s a good one isn’t it? And, yes, we know it sounds a bit familiar.

The Bug figures that if it was good enough for the leading lights in the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison governments to besmirch the working class people of Australia with their taxpayer-funded royal commission into trade union “corruption”, then we’ll double down and call Morrison corrupt too.

What we at The Bug really like is that there are several crucial and important differences between these two commissions.

Firstly, the People’s Commission into Scott Morrison Corruption will not cost Australian taxpayers $60-$80 million, as did the one that called trade unionists – because that’s the human face of trade unions – corrupt as a statement of fact.

We all know now that it was designed specifically – at taxpayer expense –  to destroy two people politically: Julia Gillard and Bill Shorten.

Has any trade union leader ever been convicted of corruption out of that disgraceful witchhunt?  Did it find Gillard and Shorten guilty of any criminal offence?

Yet its objectives were largely achieved all those years ago. The ongoing disassembling of Shorten’s character ever since as a shifty, lying, snake in the grass once again paid dividends for the LNP on May 18, helped by an unprecedented $60 million ad spend, largely also attacking Shorten’s character, from that fat bastard of a worker-hating/employee-dudding/money-hungry Clive Palmer.

Secondly, the commissioners this time around are not some washed-up, right-wing jurist but a wonderful cross-section of Australian society, thousands of decent people still mad as hell since the election and busy working away on social media platforms to highlight the corrupt practices of Morrison that we already know about.

These commissioners, who will continue to do their excellent work for free, are largely the catalysts for The Bug’s Peoples Commission into Scott Morrison Corruption.

The Bug believes they will all now want to be honorary commissioners in this noble new pursuit. There’s no big pot of public money to fund their work. They’re largely on their own but sure, if they can afford it, hire some private investigators. Let’s get this done.

All The Bug is asking is that these commissioners up the ante in their exposure of this wretched, self-centred, menadacious, happy-clapping, slogan bogan, blokey, boofhead lightweight. By all means let’s keep highlighting Morrison’s existing sins but let’s find that extra “smoking gun” as quickly as possible.

We all know it’s there and Australia has no time to waste in exposing it.

The vision of Morrison sitting in a prison cell ruefully shaking his head, his hand reaching out to the grotty unpainted, smoke-damaged ceiling and talking in tongues to his own particular greedy god should be a powerful incentive for us all.