Coming to our screens soon: Boris Gump


Famous British film director/writer Richard Curtis is set to begin shooting a new project that he believes will more than match his past hits such as Love Actually and Notting Hill in both popularity and huge box-office success.

Boris Gump is the story of a simple-minded English lad from a privileged background who bumbles his way through life and as a result of a series of accidents, mishaps and coincidences finds himself rising to national prominence.

The Bug has seen some of the elaborate storyboards from the new film (above) which prompted it to ask Curtis whether the project was in fact a remake, a sequel or in some other way paying homage to 1994’s Forrest Gump.

“Not at all,” Curtis replied. “Forrest Gump was about a man who captured the hearts and imagination of an entire nation.

“Besides, apart from being a pit stoopid, Forrest Gump was a kind, caring and honest person. My fictional character is none of those things.

“I’ve written and will direct this story as totally unbelievable fiction – and that’s exactly what is it.”

Nevertheless, The Bug has been told that some of the money men behind the project are pushing for its release title to be Boris Chump, just to distance itself a little more from the multiple Oscar-winner from 25 years ago.

The Bug also understands that both Mike Leigh and Ken Loach had offered to direct the film but Curtis declined, saying he wanted Boris Gump to be a film that people not only wanted to go along and see but also enjoy as well.

STOP PRESS: The producers of Boris Gump/Chump are said to be delighted by overnight news that US President Donald Trump had described Britain’s new prime minister Boris Johnson as “Britain Trump”. “Trump. Gump. Perfect! This is marketing gold for our project even though, of course, it has nothing to do with Boris Johnson,” one told us.