Boris rated a 9 plus for Number 10


Online bookmakers in the United Kingdom have slashed Boris Johnson’s odds of becoming British Prime Minister after a faultless 24 hours free of gaffes, outright mistakes or boorish upper-middle-class-twit behaviour.

Although some days remain before the results of the vote of Conservative Party members between Johnson and his rival Jeremy Hunt are released and the victor takes over from Theresa May, Johnson’s supporters are said to be over the moon over their man’s blemish-free 24 hours.

“We knew he had it in him to be statesmanlike, dignified and assured,” one key Johnson strategist told The Bug. “Boris has now got the keys to Number 10 firmly in his grip”.

Their relief is especially poignant as Mr Johnson only a day earlier made an absolute boris of himself by declaring that rules forcing Isle of Man kipper smokers to wrap their product on an ice pad were a typical example of silly, over-the-top, expensive European Union rules foisted on UK businesses.

It turned out that not only were the ice pads the result of British health laws being enforced but the Isle of Man is not a member of the EU anyway. Or the UK for that matter.

The excitement shown by Johnson’s supporters should be tempered by the fact that The Bug can reveal that Mr Johnson spent the entire 24 hour period at home in bed with  laryngitis.