Sanders comes clean on stand-in


US Senator Bernie Sanders has been criticised for using a stand-in for some of his public appearances in his campaign to be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee to run against Donald Trump in the November 2020 election.

Senator Sanders has admitted to engaging comedian and co-creator of the Seinfeld TV series, Larry David, to double for him at some campaign events (pictured at top).

“Look I know some people may not like it but let’s face facts, I can’t get to every event around the United States where people want me to speak,” he said.beto jerry

“So I decided to use Larry David to make some appearances for me. He looks like me and has the same grumpy and abrasive personality as me.

“So it’s an ideal arrangement. Larry isn’t being paid. He said he likes to do it as his contribution to my campaign and to help get Trump out of the White House.

“Other candidates are doing it too. I know Larry arranged for Beto O’Rourke (pictured top at left) to use Jerry Seinfeld (pictured bottom at left) for some of his speeches after he told him what I was up to.

“Joe Biden is also using a stand-in for many of his appearances.

hotair.comKevinSpacey-5f956b77832b3ec1e55e4e7ef81b6ef5100f52d7-1“I can’t criticise him for that, but I think he’s left his judgement and fitness to be President open to question by engaging Kevin Spacey for the job (pictured),” Senator Sanders said.